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new homes delray beach flBuying a brand new home in the Delray Beach or Boca Raton area isn’t strictly the domain of the super-rich anymore. Tuscany in Delray Beach has arrived as a viable and ultra-popular alternative!

Construction of the new development is set to begin in late 2015 but you’ll have a hard time getting your hands on one of the available lots. Demand for these properties is so high that purchasing rights are put up for grabs via a lottery format. The last batch of 53 homes sold out in just a few hours at the last lottery in September.

GL Homes Strikes Again

Tuscany has been developed by infamous Palm Beach County developer GL Homes, known for luxury estates developments such as the Bridges and its sister development Seven Bridges. Going a different

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new construction delray beach flThere is just something about owning something new that has never been touched by another soul that is very appealing to people. Be it the smell of a brand new car, the crackle of the cellophane as you unwrap your latest electronic gadget or the crispness of a new shirt, people treasure newness. The same is true for the purchase of a new home in Delray Beach but with some very solid reasons behind it.

With the housing market heating up and plenty of new construction in Delray Beach being developed, it's a great time to look into a new home! Here are 10 reasons you should buy a new home over a resale!

10 - Avoid the “What If” Factor.

No matter how carefully you have a resale home inspected, you’ll always have that lingering feeling of “what if”.

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the bridges homes for saleLast week we had a look at the new homes in Seven Bridges; this week we thought we’d take a closer look at the originator and innovator for a new style of new construction in Delray Beach developments.

The Bridges community positioned on the border between Delray Beach and Boca Raton sold nearly 500 of its total 591 units within the first two years of its existence. Amazingly, there are very few new construction properties available, mainly resales only are available!

Feeding an Insatiable Appetite

homes for sale in the bridgesThe speed in which these homes have sold along with the forthcoming extension in Seven Bridges are real proof of Florida’s demand for this style of country club living, sans golf. Residents love living the lifestyle without the large monthly price-tag

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seven bridges, delray beachIn response to South Florida’s insatiable demand for luxury property, the Seven Bridges homes development is set to make a splash near you!

Building on the success the Bridges luxury homes development just outside of Delray Beach and Boca Raton, real estate developer GL Homes hopes to continue this success with Seven Bridges! The brand new housing development is set to be constructed upon the 412-acre site right across Lyons Road to the west of the Bridges.

GL hopes to build on its past successes in more ways than one. The new development is set to feature a similar style and price range of homes to the Bridges, between $633,900 to $1,692,000, with a real focus on creating a resort-style paradise that residents can call home.

It all begins

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