Sandoway Discovery Center - South Florida's premier coastal ecosystems and marine life center

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At Sandoway Discovery Center, South Florida's premier coastal ecosystems and marine life center, you will find creative and interactive educational exhibits and programs that have been thoughtfully designed to inspire the minds of young children who may have aspirations to be a botanist, biologist, oceanographer, marine biologist or researcher when they grow up. History buffs will enjoy learning the historical significance of the home.  Sandoway House is registered in the National Register of Historic Places, Inventory of Historic Structures by the Florida Department of State and Local Register of Historic Place by the City of Delray Beach.  When you visit Sandoway Discovery Center, take a few moments to read the posted plaque to learn more about the history of Sandoway House or visit their website at to learn more.     

The Sandoway Discovery Center recently received a two-year grant totaling $90,000 from the The Jim Moran Foundation.  The funds will be used to support Sandoway's Education and Animal Care Program.  The Education and Animal Care Program allows students and visitors to learn about ecosystems and marine life through hands on activities and live animal encounters.  The Jim Moran Foundation grant funded the purchase of environmental education books which will be given to students from Title I schools when they participate in Sandoway's Junior Naturalist Program.  

Shark Months at Sandoway is June through August.  Sharks belong to a group of fish called Elasmobranchs.  Elasmobranchs differ from other types of fish because they have skeletons made out of cartilage (not bone) and gill slits without an operculum which is the protective flap that opens and closes to protect a fish's gills.   To celebrate Shark Months - there are fossil and modern Sawfish and Saw sharks at Sandoway plus 100 genuine shark and ray jaws including a Great White Jaw and a Giant Megalodon Jaw.  You can take a photo with the Giant Megalodon Jaw or go on a fossil dig to find a shark tooth.  Be sure to check out the Hawaiian shark tooth weapons display while you are there.           

The Sandoway Discovery Center is South of Atlantic Avenue at 142 South Ocean Blvd. (Hwy. A1A) in Delray Beach.  Hours of operation are Tuesday through Saturday 10 AM - 4 PM and Sunday from noon to 4 PM.  Admission is just $6.  The shark feeding schedule is Tuesday through Saturday at 10:30 AM and Sunday at 1:30 PM.  The alligator feeding scheduled is Wednesday and Saturday at 1 PM and stingray feeding is Tuesday through Saturday at 2:45 PM. Five to twelve year old kids can participate in a mock shark study as a Junior Shark Biologist.  Students will be asked to collect, examine their "sharks", record data and tag mimicking real life techniques that researchers use to study these amazing creatures.  


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- Lori Keroack, Business Office Manager - Mizner Residential Group

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